Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It’s a crazy, mixed-up world out there

From the Cartersville Daily Tribune News:

A Bartow County couple will go before a magistrate judge today to see if they will be arrested for allegedly stalking a Kennesaw police officer by installing cameras to track neighborhood speeders.

Lee and Teresa Sipple spent $1,200 mounting three video cameras and a radar speed unit outside their home, which is at the bottom of a hill. They have said they did so in hopes of convincing neighbors to slow down to create a safe environment for their son.

The Sipples allegedly caught Kennesaw police officer Richard Perrone speeding up to 17 mph over the speed limit. Perrone alerted Bartow authorities, who in turn visited the Sipples' home to tell them Perrone intended to press charges against them for stalking.

Something ain’t right here….

UPDATE: Seems like everybody already knew about this but me. I mentioned it to a couple of students today-- "Oh, yeah, I heard about that," etc. Apparently it was all over the radio and TV. If anyone is interested in a fuller story--and it's pretty interesting-- see here or here.

UPDATE II: World returns to normal; rogue cop agrees to drop charges.