Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yesterday morning, on Car Talk, one of the guys (Tommy, I think) used the word "aforementioned," except he pronounced it "afromentioned." I've heard him do it before, and I've heard it from one or two other speakers.

OK, I understand that people sometimes reverse sounds when they talk, and it's especially believable when they're reading from a slightly-unfamiliar script. But no one would make this mistake in writing, right?

Wrong. A quick Google search turns up over 1200 "afromentioned" and variations. Not all are wrong. Someone uses "Afromentioned" as a screen name; a screen name "afro" leads to the construction "afro mentioned...."; and I think a few of these were intended as jokes. But most meant "aforementioned."

A few examples:

The Afro mentioned cowboy . . . . (This is from a transcript of a Katie Couric on-air piece. The short video is available, and yes, she says "afro mentioned.")

Next to the afro-mentioned McQueen and Robinson, there's the always reliable Karl Malden . . . . (from a comment on

This layer 27 may not be formed thick owing to the afro-mentioned reason . . . .
(from a US patent)

A sixty (60) day notice explanation for vote will be made to the afro mentioned members.

i believe the afro mentioned list of songs is pretty good.

I searched the aforementioned "afromentioned" in the Eggcorn Database, but I don't see it there.