Wednesday, December 20, 2006

new office!

I'm in our new building in my new office! Woohoo!

with a window and a huge desk! Woohoo!

and about 2/3 of the bookshelves I need! Boohoo!

But that's all right. It's all good.

One thing, though....

My first office here was a tiny room in the library. No drawers, a few shelves-- and I ended up with a box of stuff I could never unpack, so I slipped it under the desk. But that was OK, because I then moved to a bigger office with the rest of the department, except when I started unpacking my boxes, there was one that never got unpacked, so I slid it under the desk. And then we moved to another building about five years ago, I got a larger office, but there was still one box that ended up under the desk. I was determined this time, and so over the last few weeks I emptied that box, getting ready for this move. And yesterday and today, I unloaded all my boxes into my new office, and.... sigh.

Yep, there's one under the desk.