Thursday, April 26, 2007

my own little carnival

Last day of class! Still have finals to give, papers to grade, etc. etc. But, today is my last day of class for Spring semester 2007!

"How are my favorite students?" I say that a lot at the beginning of class sessions. Students who have me for more than one course, or who were in a previous class of mine, realize that I say that to all my classes. (Well, most.) "So, Dr. Parker, really, who are your favorite students?" "My favorite students are the ones I have at that moment."

Which means, in a few days, I'm not going to have any favorite students, not for three whole weeks!

oh boy oh boy oh boy

Anyway, here are some neat things I've seen lately on the web-- my own little carnival, from my own little blogroll.

Field Negro says, "I wish I was a white person's pet."

Over at Playing School, Irreverently, Profgrrrrl tells about a colleague who apparently is being sued by a student who wants an A. Interesting comments.

Kevin, at Civil War Memory, has a good review of the History Channel's new documentary on Sherman's March.

My favorite Elementary History Teacher reminds us why it takes a very special person to teach in the public schools. See her 13 Episodes I Had Today..... Can You Figure Out Why I Had Good Cry?

Finally, Boston 1775 has a series on the Liberty Tree Flag. Today's installment: What Could Nine Stripes Mean? Read it and you'll see why I like J. L. Bell: he's not only smart and well-read, he can make anything interesting.

OK, I have to run. Did I mention that this is my last day of class?